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Jovian Blocks
Tooling and workflows built
specifically for data science

Share Jupyter notebooks online, instantly

Upload Jupyter notebooks and generate shareable links with a single command within Jupyter.

Manage data science projects like experts

Follow best practices, stay organized and never lose an experiment again
Capture everythingExperiment Management
Analyze experimentsComparison & Analysis
Reproduce anywhereRun & Reproduce

Work together on AI projects

A collaboration hub for everyone: researchers, ML engineers, developers and all other stakeholders.

Automate your workflow and boost your productivity

Jovian integrates seamlessly with your favorite tools and libraries. Focus on modeling and we'll take care of the rest.


Use our Jupyter extension to upload & share notebooks, add collaborators and do more


Jovian automatically detects and links notebooks, models, metrics, outputs etc. to GitHub commits
Add jovian.commit() inside a Python script or Jupyter notebook to capture experiment snapshots


Monitor long running jobs & track metrics by sending notifications to Slack channels with jovian.notify
Capture and upload snapshots for every run of your experiment with a single command: jovian.commit()


Use our Jupyter extension to commit and share notebooks online with a single click.
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Battle-tested and Enterprise ready

From top Kagglers to leading data science teams, Jovian is used by thousands of data science practitioners worldwide.
Secure by Design

Secure by Design

We follow the industry standards for encrypting all senstive data on our servers and in transit. Every feature undergoes extensive testing and security review before release.
Private Cloud Deployment

Private Cloud Deployment

We understand that the security and privacy of your data & models is paramount. You can host Jovian within your organization's private cloud (AWS, GCP or Azure), in just a couple of hours.

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